Monday, October 20, 2008

Fine... (a new start)

I've fucking hated MySpace's blog ever since the first day I joined the site. I remember I was curious about all that MySpace had to offer and being disappointed that most of the people on the site could only offer badly worded quizes about how they like grape jelly. As I built up my friends the content got better but the blogging got worse. The fucker was always down, or worse it would go down after I typed up a 20 page rant, and figured that clicking "save" actually meant it would save my shit.

No. It meant that, yet again, Tom is a moron.

Then they started really fucking it up. You can't post links. You can't post pictures if they don't like em. If you wanted to reply you have to go through the most annoying captcha system on earth and if you don't type it fast enough, it could change. Nevermind that p kind of looks like a b or a d because it's all bent up with a line through it. 0? FUCK!!!#@

So MySpace, you still have your uses. At least until all of my other friend migrate to Facebook or Blogger.

I can't wait for the day that you are talked about in the same sentences as Lycos, and "Remember when... Oh yeah, hehe, what were we thinking anyway?"

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