Monday, January 12, 2009

Delete Your Friends And Get Fat

As an individual who works in the advertising/marketing field I actually enjoy a good commerical. The company that came up with the songs for may have annoyed the hell out of you, but they really put the product out there in a very big way.

One company that has always had the wow factor going for them is Burger King.

They are the people who brought you the Subservient Chicken. They took their mascot and transformed him into a creepy plastic headed freak. Maybe that never struck you as a brave thing to do, but just think about it for a minute. Think about Wendy's taking their cute little redhead mascot and turning her into a evil undead zombie. "Where's the brains....."

I think that they do all of this in an effort to make you forget that there is no such thing as a clean looking Burger King. I've been in BK's all over this great nation and have yet to find a table that wasn't stickier than Traci Lords in the 80's.

Anyway - now BK has done it again with one of the most original marketing campaigns I've seen all year! Yes I am aware that it is only January...

Click this link, install the app, and delete 10 of your friends. Ta-Da! Free Whopper!

Think about it - all of the sudden your ex-boyfriend who added you on MySpace and then followed you to Facebook can finally have a use. That dude who used to work with you that keeps asking how things are going and telling you that you are stupid for staying can now have a pay off. That one night when you were drunk and thought it would be funny to add that annoying kid from the Encyclopedia Britannica Commericals... well, that's just fucked up, but you can delete his nerdy ass and get some free points towards your next cardiac arrest!


  1. That is awesome! I am actually sad I killed my Facebook now.

  2. It is pretty excellent, I must say. And Lord knows I love me some Whoppers. I wish there was a BK closer to me ...


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