Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm glad it's finally over...

That's right folks - Bush is gone!!!

I hope this means that people will stop being idiots because I am just really tired of seeing everyone get in their last shots on the man. It's like one big boring joke, spread across every user accessible site on the internet and the biggest problem is, the joke isn't new, original or very funny.

Seriously, people have had 8 years to come up with good jokes or points about his leadership and the best I'm reading is something along the lines of "HE SUCKED SO BAD!!!"

Yeah and Bush is the guy who can't speak in public very well.

When I found out he got booed today at the Obama inauguration, I kind of felt sad for America. Have we really sunk so low as to boo a guy who is on his way out the door? I mean sure, disagree with every single policy he has come up with, from foreign to financial, but booing? BOOING?

Then I heard people were singing, "Hey Hey Hey Goodbye"...

*hangs head*

Really? This is how you want to celebrate a victory? You want to act like a total unoriginal idiot who worshiped MTV's "Remote Control" in front of all the children who were brought to the nations Capital to see what it means to be an American?

I'm not a fan of the guy. Never was. I'm glad he's gone and I'm very willing to give Obama a chance to really turn things around if he can.

But wow can we, as a people, suck. I don't care who he or she is, I don't care if they vote and push for the one issue I have the strongest opinions about. I will respect the President of the United States of America and you can damn well bet I'll act that way in front of children too.

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  1. The booing and such pissed me off, too. I mean, yeah, he sucked. But man, booing on the way out the door is like refusing to shake hands with your opponent after a match that you won. Classless.


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