Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Luke Steelerstahl - Idiot

So Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is making an idiot of himself. Again.

He is spreading around rumors that he is going to take the "Raven" out of his name and replace it with "Steeler" - for at least the next week or so. Luke Steelerstahl. Can't he just get to the point and change it to Luke Screwedpittsburghup.

First, I'm embarrassed by anyone who would be ashamed of their own last name. I'm not sure what the Ravenstahl family has done, but I doubt that they were all douchebags that need to be remembered this way - by having a failure of a mayor, a successful pupput to Dan Onorato - slam his family heritage simply because it contains some of the same letters of a fairly good NFL team that the Steelers have already beaten twice.

Second - fuck him. The Steelers don't need him to win on Sunday. In fact connecting his shitty mayoral record to their good name will only hurt. I mean how can anyone on that team play with pride when they are constantly being reminded that they are somehow tied, even if in name only, to someone who could have done good things with the city and utterly failed to change a single goddamn thing.

Finally this rumor business... just change your name or not. Stop feeling out the media or the Steeler nation. I'm positive that if more people dump on this lame attempt to gain some popularity before his next election run, Luke is going to say that no, in fact, he isn't going to change his name and that it was all a rumor started by, well, someone mysterious who has contacts to all of the local news networks.

Eat a dick Luke.

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  1. aaannd you're a douche.
    he changed his name legally, and temporarily because he has some pride in his city. He wanted to rid of the Ravens in his city. He's just having a little fun and trying to boost the morale of Pittsburgh. Though, we really don't need it as Pittsburgh has the strongest fan base of any city, in my opinion.
    Eat a Dick...whoever you are.

  2. He changed his name to kick off his re-election bid. He stupid can you fucking be. If he actually had pride in his city he'd actually do something besides suck off UPMC every time they want something from the city.

    As you yourself point out - the city doesn't need a moral boost. The Steelers are fine without look, the fans are psyched, if Luke up and told Dan Onorato to stop fucking up the city he is supposed to protect it wouldn't put on more fan in the seats or one more point on the board.

    Also - Stahl means "Steel"

    I sure hope you are proud of your mayor Luke Steelersteel.

  3. How about toiletstahl--fits him better


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