Friday, February 12, 2010

50 Cent Cigarettes????

I signed up for just now, and this is the second article I found in my old local newspaper... (1970)

The cost of smoking is already up

You've heard the story.

It's the one about the guy who made a New Year's
resolution to quit buying cigarettes. He didn't give
up smoking, just paying for the cigarettes
That idea may become a reality for cigarette
smokers in the mid-Mon Valley area when the price
of cigarettes officially goes up at one minute after
midnight tonight.

Legislation boosting the state levy from 13 cents
per pack to 18 cents — highest in the nation — was
sent to Gov. Raymond Shafer last week when the
Senate gave final legislative approval by a 41-1 vote.
'Making the change'

Because the measure calls for it to become effective
immediately upon Shafer's signature, the governor
will not sign it until midnight — to give wholesalers
and dealers time to make necessary adjustments.
"We've been making the change on our machines,"
said Bill Sapone of Monessen, a cigarette
machine distributor. "The process isn't difficult with
our newer machines, but it can be quite a job with
the older ones."

The newer machines, which can be adjusted for
the new 50 cents per pack...

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